is a professional Aerial Photography & Videography, division of Interactive Horizons Inc. (based in Markham, ONT., Canada). We specialize in the production and operations of highly specialized close range aerial media for creative clients both in Canada, and Jamaica.




We specialize in flying unmanned serial vehicles known as UAV’s or Drones, all battery powered.  Some of our aerial kits fly like a helicopter with vertical flight, quiet, with six electric or eight motors for aerial photography and video. Others kits are fixed wing, which fly like a typic plane, which can cover larger area’s and have larger payload capacity.  These flying platforms is for a new type of creative aerial media that is cutting edge and catching on fast. Perspective is everything! The perspective if offers will captivate and amaze! Cost comparison to a manned helicopter or planes is off the chart!

Our specialized flying camera platforms are capable of high quality digital still photography and full HD video. Our aerial kits can provide HD Aerial Footage for Hollywood Feature Films, Television, Independent Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Real Estate Aerial Photography, Aerial Inspection, Development, Construction, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Land Surveying applications and more!


Markham, Ontario, Canada
Kingston, Jamaica
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